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Our reputable hatchery is best for catfish fingerlings and poultry birds.

Hatchery for all your day old chicken needs! From layers to rare breeds to meat breeds, we have you covered.

Our lay birds lay quality eggs and with the help our reputable hatchery we make day old chicks readily available. We have modern technology that makes egg handling through the supply chain, from farm to hatchery seamless. Our system was designed to ensure availability of day-old chicks and healthy poultry products.

Our large selection of day old chicks, poultry and exotic fowl, poultry supplies and poultry equipment are available for sale.


We run a sophisticated hatchery of catfish, fingerlings and juveniles at very affordable price.

We also operate one of the largest day-old-chick (DOC) hatchery in Abuja. Our innovative hatchery technology has given us competitive advantage over our peers. Our hatchery and poultry management services and also provides quality broilers, layers (black & brown), cockrel(black & white), point of lay, point of cage, hatchery services, veterinary medications and others.