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Catfish Farming

We deal in high quality catfish production.

We engage in large-scale commercial fish production. Our Fish farming in Abuja Nigeria is one of the most successful that is popular in various parts of the country.

We are currently on a 50,000 capacity of cat fish production in every month. We have been able to achieve this with capable staff, farm managers, qualified fishery experts and farm helpers.Production of cat fish demands care and expertise and this we had provided to sustain our production to meet clients demand.

We provide regular water exchange to create a friendly environment for our fishes with an aboveground tank, which provide the convenience of supplying water to our ponds when necessary. We have also invested in water filtration system.

Our Operations

There are two major sections in Fish farming. The two are the nursery and the grow-out pond operation. The nursery operation is the basis for the grow-out operation. We nurture the nursery into post fingerlings, mini juveniles and juveniles respectively and between four to five months into grow-out or table size fish suitable for sale and consumption.

Sir EJ Farms will ship live fish to its customers’ doors and also supply local retailers.

Inspect Our CatFish Fingerlings

Our female broodstocks are gravid, with high fecundity, and outstanding hatch ability, while the males have quality testes mass(50-50), rich in milt for enhanced fertilization.

How Can I Place An Order

We stock good breed of catfish for raising or consumption. Call us now for your order (+2348134178317) or Email: info@sirejfarms.com. You can also visit our farm @ Plot No. D298, Kuchiyako III District, Kuje, Abuja F.C.T. Nigeria.