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Snail Production

Try our Snails

We stock high breed of snails such as the gaint Africa snails for rearing and meat production. Our wide varieties of snail meat options are available to you, others such as haccp, fda, Giant West African Snails; Dried and frozen Snails, we have them Sale. Our snails are ready-to-cook and  well freshly procesed and packed.

Taste Our Snails
  • Excellent Alternative to Red Meat

  • Superior and Freshly Packed

  • Quality and Value to the Snail We Deliver

  • Highest Standards in Disease Control

Come experience our Snail meat. It is a delicacy and a very good alternative to red meat and beef. Snail meat is white meat with a difference; it is similar in taste and texture to that of seafood. We have ready-to-cook pack of freshly processed snails. Delivery is available locally and internationally. We also supply high breed snails to farmers.