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Egg Production

Our Egg Production

Our high breed birds are known for high egg production throughout the year. We stock various breeds which include NERA Black, Shika Brown, ISA Brown and Hi-Line Brown.

Our Broilers are fed ad libitum to allow for rapid growth within the short period of time.

Our Layers farming is considered one of the most successful in our poultry farming. This is because Layers our layers lay eggs throughout the year and produces good meat fit for the market and consumption. We have a proven record of sustainability and profitability when it comes to poultry farming in Nigeria. Our customer satisfaction survey says a lot about this.

Highest Standard in Egg Production
  • Quality Feed and Water Management

  • Quality Housing and Light Management

  • Quality and Value to the Eggs We Deliver

  • Highest Standards in Disease Control

We understand that egg constitute an important human diet. We have adopted professional practices that will ensure that our eggs are produce by well nourish birds which translate to well balanced egg. Our eggs are one of the most rich in nutrient in the market and major retail stores.